In simple terms, it is a decentralised IoT (Internet of Things) network based on the Helium Blockchain. The network is built by setting up LoRa WAN transmitters (HNT MINER). Anyone can set up such a device and will be rewarded with Helium Coins. 

It is the fastest growing wireless network in the world. The costs of "The Peoples Network" are only a fraction of those of traditional mobile telephony. This makes it far more attractive for market participants such as e-scooter operators who control their vehicles via the network using an app. There are a multitude of application examples, such as vehicle and GPS tracking or equipping moving objects with a Sonsorik.

In technical language, you are rewarded for the "Proof of Coverage" (PoC). It means that the blockchain's working algorithm checks whether the hotspot (miner) is where it claims to be located. In simple terms, the PoC algorithm continuously checks whether the hotspot really provides the location and the included wireless network coverage. Mining revenues depend on the number of connected devices and the coverage.

The electricity consumption will not exceed 0.12kWh per day.

It is best to place the Miner as high as possible in your house or flat near the window.

If the hotspots are too close to each other (within 300 metres), they compete for the "PoC" and the overall revenue would be negatively affected. It is better if the hotspots are further apart to extend the network coverage.
Yes, you can. However, you will be charged about 10 USD to reconfirm the location.

If all LED indicators are permanently green, the unit is working properly.

The synchronisation of Hotspot Miner with the Helium Blockchain usually takes about 2 days.

By setting up a router in the network, you are paid in the form of the cryptocurrency "Helium" (HNT), which, as with all currencies, is subject to price fluctuations.

You should invest in an outdoor box for outdoor use. According to the manufacturer, the unit has an IP42 protection class, but we do not recommend it. 

  1. Activate the Bluetooth function on your smart device.
  2. Press and hold the pairing button on the Hotspot Miner for 5 seconds to activate Bluetooth.
  3. Open the Helium APP and click on the Pair icon to update the WiFi connection. 

The USB port is used to update the firmware and debug the Hotspot Miner. It does not support a 3G/4G dongle. 

To store the blockchain data of the miner and to regularly delete older blockchain data and log files.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT remove the TF card !

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