HELIUM FRIENDS' vision is to make technology understandable to businesses and individuals and to expand the expanding "The People's Network" by providing the Helium Miner and associated sensor technology. Through an ever-expanding eco-system, we aim to extend the product range in the long term, expand the B2B network and further digitalise Europe through dedicated IoT projects. 

Helium Friends Crew

From left to right: Jan Kirchhefer, Frank Höhne, Philipp Jones

Jan Kirchhefer understands as a telecommunication computer scientist the technical requirements of the Helium network. With experience as a mobile radio planner for German motorways, he is a specialist and first point of contact for all technical questions.

In addition to the theoretical application examples, he brings the projects into a technical "proof of concept" and evaluates the realisation. From various projects he has the experience of geo-optimisation for networks. Jan sees a clear potential for the expansion of the Helium network in Europe.

Frank Höhne is an expert in digital business models, project design and their integration into regional structures. In addition to his work as a consultant, he is the designer and operator of the coworking network OFFICE & FRIENDS, as well as co-founder of the BRAINDOOR Academy for digital-social change.

Frank's work is about sustainable competence building within the major future topics of "digital transformation" and "change of work" as well as raising awareness and implementing these topics in business, society and politics.

As the owner of a digital agency and entrepreneur, he has been successfully implementing concepts in various sectors, networking and shaping new contexts for over 25 years. Always with the goal of a new economic and quality of life for the interaction of people, companies and regions.

Philipp Jones is passionate about new technologies and empowering people and society. With experience from his time as a manager at Commerzbank and as a cloud specialist at Microsoft, he combines technological visions of the future with aspects of economic efficiency.

Today, he leads the Zircl company with the mission of making companies fit for the future. As an official city partner and consultant, they deal intensively with the topic of "digital infrastructure in cities and municipalities". In this context, they try to develop dedicated IoT application projects together.

His vision with HELIUM FRIENDS is to make the technology understandable to the people and to support the expanding "The People's Network" by providing the Helium Miner.